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Theraband Gym

The clinics theraband wall station gym provides our patients with a complete active rehabilitation on-site with the ability to repeat their exercise program at home.

The gym provides multiple planes of movement in three dimensions for strength training of upper and lower extremities.

The exercises help to develop core strength/stability and proprioceptive control.

Theraband Gym

Instructional Theraband Wall Station Video

Theraband exercises are also great for our elderly patients as they are designed to strengthen your muscles without putting too much stress and pressure on our aging bodies.  As a result, these theraband exercises often involve numerous repetitions using low-resistance bands.  While these exercises can be performed in our gym a custom program is created for each particular condition to be utilized on-site and to be repeated with the same resistance levels at home.

Sports-specific conditioning involves training movements rather than individual muscle groups.  The versatility of resistance band exercises allows the athlete to mirror closely the movement patterns in their sport with varying degrees of resistance.  Perhaps even more important is the role they can play in injury prevention and rehabilitation.